Autumn Smoked Chicken Salad

We just had another picnic over at bailey’s arboretum with friends. Now, I had brought home some smoked chicken from Dad’s house, and picked up a couple of nice Macintosh apples when I was up there. So, for the picnic, I made a warm apples sauce, and a smoked chicken salad.

  • 2 large pieces of smoked chicken
  • 1 large Macintosh apple
  • 1 large celery rib
  • ½ large red onion
  • A dollop or two of mayo
  • Salt and paper to taste

Cut the chicken into bite size chunks. Then, core, peel, and dice up the apple. Dice the celery and onion. Put these into a large bowl.  Give it a dash of salt and pepper. Then fold in the mayo.

Transfer this to a plastic quart container, the ones the wonton soup comes in… and toss it into the picnic basket. I like to serve this on top of pumpernickel bread.

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