Long Island Thanksgiving – Welcome Guests

So let’s start the second in the Thanksgiving series of posts, with the start of the thanksgiving holiday. Before the guests arrive, I welcome my not-to-be-named Mrs. Co-host with a glass of something warm and welcoming, and definitely from Long Island.

Then, as the guests arrive, they also get a warm and welcoming glass…

So, what is this warm Long Island welcome…

  • 2 bottles of Osprey Dominion Spice Wine
  • A bag of small Macintosh apples

Now, I get my spice wine from my brother who creates wonderful wines in his own artisanal operation (here on Long Island), but alas, like so many other artisanal creations, it’s not commercially available. So I recommend the next best option…

Pour two bottles of Osprey Dominion Spice Wine into a large pot and place on low heat to slowly warm. DO NOT BOIL! We’re creating a warm welcome, not a scalding.

Core and quarter the apples, as guests arrive. Place a section in a large goblet and ladle in some wine…  Kisses all around, and bring them in from the cold…

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