Long Island Thanksgiving – Scallop Appetizer

After the guests have all arrived and arranged themselves, it’s time to bring out an appetizer… and what sounds more like a nice Long Island appetizer than a Long Island iced tea… well, maybe not. So, I put out a tray of bacon-wrapped bay scallops.

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • 2 pounds scallops
  • 2 pounds bacon
  • Toothpicks
  • Baking tray
  • Oven

This is one of the few recipes here I’ll use the thin-cut hickory smoked bacon rather than the thick-cut bacon.

Cut the bacon rashers in half. Wrap then around a scallop. Secure it with a toothpick. Place it on the tray. Repeat…

When the scallops are all on the tray… pop the tray into a broiler for about three minutes for each side.

Transfer these savory morsels to a nice platter and plop them before the guests… listen to the ooh’s and ah’s…

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