Santa’s Little Helper – 01

Santa’s little helper, part one – a citrus hot chocolate for the holidays. I enjoy making this as a dessert course for friends when they pop over for feeding. I don’t know of any local chocolate plantations but there are dairies in the area, like Elmhurst dairy right here in Jamaica! (

  •  Quart of whole milk
  • 5.3 oz Lindt chocolate bar
  • 2 cups triple sec

This hot chocolate starts with a quart of milk set on a low heat over the stove. Then I put a micro-plane grater over the pot and grate in a large bar of Lindt chocolate. I prefer to use the dark chocolate for this recipe as the dark chocolate goes nicely with the orange flavor. Once the chocolate is grated in, slowly whisk the mixture until smooth. Then, add in the two cups of triple sec.

Let all this meld together, then I pour this into Irish coffee mugs and top them with whipped cream and a strip of orange peel.