Because Sharing is Caring 06


Tips, hints, tricks, and little kitchen ‘hacks’ learned along the way and shared with you… please feel free to share your hints with me…

  • Beating egg whites
    For the best results when beating egg whites use a copper bowl and a good cooking utensil. Whisk when the eggs have reached room temperature..
  • Beating egg whites
    Egg whites will not whip if they come into contact with fat, grease or egg yolk.
  • Separating eggs
    Its agood idea when separating eggs to have three bowls: one for the yolks, one for the whites and one bowl to separate over so that you won’t have to throw out a whole batch if one yolk breaks while separating.
  • Which egg to use
    Unless the recipe calls for a specific size, assume that all eggs used in recipes are Grade A large.
  • Eggs to room temp
    To bring eggs to room temperature quickly, (they beat better that way), put them in a bowl of warm – not hot – water for 5 to 10 minutes.

So, a couple of hints, tips, take what you like and leave the rest… speaking of leaving… leave a comment to share one of YOUR tips!

Thank You!

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