Carb With a Side of Carbs

Yes it’s breakfast time!

This morning finds me wanting to have one of the bagels that ‘E’ left yesterday.  But I can’t just have a bagel… I’m feeling that for rhe day ahead I’m going to need a little something more. So, I reached into the fridge and found that package of Mexican cheese blend and of course omlette comes to mind. And those two rashers of Polish bacon… we’ll skillet potatoes are a specialty of the house…

Panera Bread Breakfast 

I happened to show up at my local Panera Bread shop for lunch and they had their cinnamon raisin bread ready…

So, I picked up a loaf and this morning it was cinnamon raisin french toast for #Breakfast.  I like using this loaf because it’s soft and absorbs the egg batter well. Most of you know I use Irish butter and New York maple syrup and with a cup of coffee, the day is looking just sweet enough.

Another Trip To The Butcher of Copiague 

There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh cut bacon

A pound of fresh, sliced to order bacon at the Polish butcher is around six fifty a pound… you can’t turn down an offer like that. I prefer mine thick cut snd not crispy. I like bacon you can take a knife to!

This morning I prepared it with a simple asiago cheese omlette and whole wheat toast. And I love a like swiss preserves on the toast… Favorite is my favorite. .. funny how that happens.