So, what’s this blog about? It’s about FOOD! I like food, and I’m sue that you are probably familiar with food… everyone has to eat. But this blog is focused mainly on the local produce, markets, and seafood, which come from Long Island, my home here by the sea…

Long Island has had a long history of farming. The first cowboys in the United States came from East Hampton; setting up a cattle livestock operation in Montauk in 1686. The Native Americans had been fishing and farming on Long Island for nine thousand years before the Europeans arrived, populating our island with corn, beans, squash, melons, and pumpkins. Colonial settlers added onions, cabbage, and other crops. Tobacco was actually grown here in the sixteen and seventeen hundreds, though I don’t use it in any of my recipes. Currently, Long Island is well known for its potatoes, wines, and Ducks.

Fishing on Long Island has an equally long history with the Native Americans fishing and whaling our shores for thousands of years. From the coastal estuaries and bays, to the open Atlantic Ocean, seafood of a wide variety is cultivated and harvested here.

In addition to the locally available ingredients, Long Island is home to an even increasing diversity of ethnic neighborhoods, each bringing its own influence to our local cuisine.

So join me in my exploration of the wealth of epicurean treasures here on Long Island.chef_700px


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